From a boy to a man

There comes a time in every parent's life when they realize their baby is no longer a baby.  My son will be 21 this month and when I glance back through photo's and thoughts I just can't grasp how it all passed so fast.  I'm proud of the man he is.  He's handsome and smart and has a keen sense of loyalty.  He's got a kind heart and a willingness to serve.  I think I did well.  Sure, there were times when his behaviour was not what I desired but,  all in all, he's taken life's blows in stride and still manages to laugh!  So, with him in mind I made this card.  It's simple but represents a huge milestone in life.  21.

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Redonna said...

Nice card for a guy turning 21, masculine enough without being overly macho and gruff. Tell him I said Hi & I love him! :)

Oh, and I changed the name of my blog page. I decided using just my name wasn't a good fit. It is now names Perpetual Playtime (since I'm retired and can play all the time -lol). Hope your link to me still works now. :)