A Message to ungrateful adult children

With the technology available today things are changing. Not neccesarily in a positive direction. I'm seeing people eating meals together and never looking at each other; their focus is in the palm of their hand. These miniature, time sucking, conveniences called cellular phones are taking precious time away. Yes, they are a convenience but they should not replace conversation. We are quickly losing mastery of the conversation skill. "Hey, you wanna have lunch?" "I'll text you.", A text message cannot convey emotion and feeling. I see parents looking at these devices with passion while their little ones are growing and changing and they don't seem to even notice the big changes, much less, the minute changes. IT IS RUDE to stare into those little screens when you are in the presence of another living being. If you come to visit me and stare at your phone the whole time then you are telling me I don't interest you. WHY are you here if you're not interested in what I have to say? You are wasting precious seconds of my life and I would rather be crafting than entertaining someone who couldn't care less about what I'm doing. My next rant is on mothering. If you have an infant in a car seat that is rear facing and you're not driving....sit in the back seat. That little one has needs that they can't express. Certainly, don't put your husband's friend in the back seat with your screaming infant. I'm certain he has nothing in common with your infant. I think this is common sense but apparently not. You're aging retired parents are not your personal assistants or your daycare. Yes, they love your children but they have a life too. They raised your ungrateful behind and now want to live a little. (yes, they do still enjoy sex) Things change and if something occurs in their world that makes them unavailable for your "date night" don't have an attitude. In fact if you know there has been a sudden problem then call and say..."I realize you've been through______________, so I've made arrangements for the kids, so you don't have that added stress." To finish my thoughts, remember that just because I don't agree with you on everything doesn't mean that I don't love you. I can disagree with you. Opinions are like butts, everybody has one and we each think the other person's stink worse.


Happy Happy Happy New Year! Here it is January 14, 2016, and I have a big year ahead of me. In less than 1 week I will meet my precious new Daughter in love and law from Thailand. She and our oldest son Joe were married last month in a cultural wedding. When she arrives here on her K-1 Visa they will make it legal by American law. There is also a brand new Granddaughter on her way to us in just 9 weeks....our youngest son Jonathan (Jon is his preferred name, but I gave birth and named him so I get to call him Jonathan) Can't wait to hold our little blessing. I'm beginning the second semester of my LPN to RN transition next week. It's a grueling pace at times but you really do want your nurse to know as much as possible if she has your life in her hands. Let's face it she does have your life in her hands; she's doing the assessing and calling her findings to the doctor as needed. He's giving orders based upon her thorough assessment. So .....Again it is a grueling pace but oh how I am enjoying refreshing and increasing my knowledge. With that, I was honored by my fellow classmates to be nominated and elected President of the Student Nurse Association. I'm not able to maintain a regular crafting schedule because of all the goodness in my life and obviously I'm not blogging much either. Even poor old socializing websites such as Facebook are losing my attention....but I can't say I'm distressed...But I really am missing my crafting and all of my crafty "peeps". Well I suppose I'll jump up now and get busy with the cleaning and such....ummmm....right after my next cup of coffee. Love you guys!


What a life!!!!

2015 has been an Amazing, difficult, sad, happy, exciting, troubling and intriguing year. I finally got accepted into the CSCC Nursing Program after an entire year of chemistry, psychology English Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology and on and on and on! In March, we traveled to Birmingham for my youngest step-daughter to have a biopsy of a mass on her ovary and the unthinkable. Though it was only a 10% chance it could be cancer, it happened. IT WAS CANCER!!! Complete hysterectomy followed by Chemo...I traveled down to help care for her on the second treatment and it seems that it was a good idea. As they left her appointment they were rear-ended in the rain and totaled her car. In June my son Jonathan Married his Beautiful bride Angela and brought with her two of the most amazing grandchildren. Then in July they surprised me with the news that they were pregnant.....OOOOOohhhhhh was I ever excited! Later in July sadness followed when I received a call late in the night with the news that my first love had died just two days after his forty-ninth birthday. Classes began in August and the struggle is real...I love learning, but it seems I just want to over think everything. Then In September I find out that my BIO father died in July and his wife never even bothered with a phone call. October rolls around and my friend that I met in Chemistry a year ago decided she could not continue with Nursing classes so she dropped. Our class is about half what it was. Money as usual is tight. I've mentioned the idea that I go back to work a couple of days each week, but Joe doesn't want me to because we see so little of each other as it is. I spend most of my free time studying or working on homework and papers. Back to Amy (step daughter) good new after 6 chemo treatments her PET scan is clear. She will be seen 4 times each year and we can't consider her cancer free until she is clear 5 years, but I just believe she's clear! So that's my year thus far. I'm as happy as I've ever been and had one of the very saddest, happiest years of my life.


Hi tonight I sat down with my cricut explore and made this awesome make it now valentine's card. The new explore is very addictive. Not that the expression wasn't
. ..lol
Hello my crafty peeps. Been awhile...Hope all of you are thriving not just surviving. I'm in the process of stepping up from my LPN to RN. In the process of all this Provo craft goes and releases a new machine called---(drumroll) EXPLORE! During the holidays I took some time and learned a little about it and really came to love this machine. During this time I used Youtube as well as a few FACEBOOK pages to learn what I could. Of course, true to form on all of the FACEBOOK groups there was always one or more who wanted to complain and stir drama. So as of today I UNJOINED those groups and I'll continue to craft via youtube and be content. Life is too precious and way to short to let anyone bring me down. If social media is contributing to a less than wonderful feeling I want nothing to do with it. So the plan is to post my joy here. Where at least I know there won't be whining and complaining. You're welcome to come and visit and comment. You can even share your work here. I would love to see what you do. Thanks for stopping by. SMOOCHES, Lisa


Celebrate every success

GOOD MORNING! I know some of you are thinking; "what? You just started blogging your weight loss journey yesterday!" However, Joe consented to the purchase of that little beauty above, even though our finances say probably not. I'm very thankful for a husband who believes in me. So I started riding that on Friday afternoon. I'm trying to take it slow and build up a little each day and remember that this is not a timed trial. I have given myself a good 7 months to lose 50 pounds. Yes, I'm aware that it's significant for a post menopausal 40 something. If I don't make it I set the next goal. So short term it's 7 pounds each month. That being said I'm a daily weigher. I KNOW EVERYTHING YOU READ SAYS DON'T WEIGH DAILY! Sorry I'm an "ALL OR NOTHING" type of chick. This is how I did it when I had my surgery and when I stopped weighing daily I gained. SO DON'T PREACH WEIGHT LOSS BIBLE TO ME....I'm a theologist of fat. Yesterday I began with an UNJURY protein drink for breakfast. "Protein is very important" Lunch was my home stir fry chicken with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and onions. Supper was the rest of the chicken that remained, and for an evening snack BUTTER FREE popcorn. (If you know me you know that in and of itself is phenominal...I LOVES ME BUTTER LIKE POPEYE LOVES SPINACH! I drank the obligatory(tasteless) 64 ounces of water through the day. OKAY...now the celebrating part. I woke up at 2:00 A.M. to do the nightly over 40ritual (potty time)and for whatever reason stepped on the scales. No glasses mind you...I don't need those for potty time. The little red line had moved down. Thinking I was hallucinating thanks to my other nightly friend "Mr. Sleep Aid" I just went back to bed. Then I awoke at 7:00 for the next potty break and weighed afterwards, of course. WHAT!?! NO WAY! Those precious little scales who have so often bullied me were suddenly singing my praises. 204.6. YES YES YES YES YES! Yes I do realize there was water weight involved but it's my loss and I'll take it thank you very much! Then the more significant celebration.... I live on very steep incline. Ain't NO WAY I could pedal the pink puffer up the hill! So each time after I finish my ride I walk it up the hill. On Friday and Saturday I had to stop multiple times to catch my breath and rest even if it was briefly. This morning however...I WALKED ALL THE WAY UP THE HILL WITHOUT STOPPING EVEN FOR A SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAHOOOOOOOOOO! (insert applause, angels singing, and can can girls dancing here.)



Hey Friends and Family, I Love you all! So I wanted to share with you my plan. Most of you have no clue about my ongoing battle with my weight. I have been "a little fatty" my whole life. I've struggled with diet, upon diet, upon diet. Then 10 years ago I HAD HAD ENOUGH! I reached the point where I was sick of Being FAT! I found a Physician and risked my life to have Gastric Bypass Surgery. What an amazing journey that was. I went into the surgery at just under 300 pounds. I wasn't disabled I was living life even though it was limited because I was too tired to enjoy it! It took my body 19 months to give up the fat and I reached 143 pounds. I cannot tell you how that felt. I was able to walk into any store and shop and that was a great feeling. I was wearing size 8-10 and for the first time in my life actually looked into the mirror with pride. What HAPPENED? Well, I stopped using the tool that the surgery provided....gradually, I have stretched my stomach pouch out. I have gained! This morning I weighed in at....Get ready....209.4 pounds. That is an awful feeling. For months I have noticed myself eating without control. Don't ask me to explain the psychology behind it but for WhATEVER reason I have an insatiable need to feel FULL! I don't need to tell you that this is not good. So in an effort to lose this weight I am making myself accountable by blogging. So my plan is to eat properly and only if hungry. Exercise, and be realistic about my goal. Short term my goals are to lose 7 pounds per month. I hope by Dec 31, 2014 I will be able to step on the scales and see the number 155. That is pretty much all I have to say about it. I am going to try to blog this at least weekly to keep you all up to date on how I'm doing. WISH ME LUCK AND SUCCESS!


Autumn, Fall, Sweaters, leaves.......

I love the brisk cool weather. The sound of crunching leaves under my shoes. The beautiful yellows, oranges,reds and browns in the tree's. The expectations of Thanksgiving and Christmas..... This is our first real holiday season in Tennessee and I am so excited. Last year we were in the process of moving so there were no decorations and no gatherings with our children. No, they won't all be with us this year either but I will have a tree and gifts and dinner and love. After all it is a celebration of a Saviors birth and it can be enjoyed just as much in our older years ad it was in our youth. So get outside, take a walk hold hands, make a pot of soup and dream of days to come....but, don't forget to appreciate today and every day.


My crafty life in a ranch house.

I'm enjoying multiple craft venues right now.  While I adore my Cricut and paper crafting I'm branching out into some home decor for my oh so cute ranch house.  I love the idea of the log cabin but this was more in my budget.  This was cut from a tree in our yard. I took some hardware from an inexpensive flea market coat rack and attached it and...voila...my country coat hook.  The name plate was sawed from the same tree...I used a wood burning tool and emblazoned our name on it.added some chain and dangled it on the front porch.


WHAT? Has it really been since April? Have I really been that slack? WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH ME? Nothing. A lot of things have happened since April. Had to have the dreaded....Hysterectomy....shhhhh. Oh no really nothing to it. I don't miss those parts at all and for heaven sake don't think for a minute I would want another baby at 45. Life has just been puttering along and me hanging on the swerves of it. In August the surgeon I work for announced he was moving to Wyoming, and yes, he offered to take me with. However, my sweet husband has wanted to return to his beloved Tennessee all these years and we decided we would make that our final home. So the search was really on. Not just the dream but the SEARCH! I found the house and then the battles began with financing and title, and underwriters...OH MY! But On Nov. 21, 2012 WE DID IT! We signed for our house....So in about 1 more month I should be moving and settling in and hopefully in the New year I can get back to crafting....as long as the Mayan's are wrong that is. Otherwise....hmmmm, who knows what will be. No, I don't believe the Mayan hooey at all. So if you're reading this that is where I am in life....looking forward to the changes. Ain't GOD GOOD!!!!!!!!!!



I Saw a video on this same thing done by I think the frugalcrafter, she was using old boxes from the post office to make magazine holders. So I owe credit to her for this idea. Here's my take on re-purposing old boxes....ENJOY!
GIVEAWAY~ I purchased an extra set of the "DOTTY FOR YOU" paper kit. I am going to give it away to one lucky winner. Anyone who orders the above kit featured in this video from my website http:lisamoore.ctmh.com/ will automatically be entered for a chance to win. I am going to close this contest on April 30, 2012 at midnight Central time. I will announce the winner on May 1, 2012. The card kit is adorable and so is the paper kit. Good Luck and Thanks for popping by my blog..... Lisa


Missing ME?

Hi My Friends, I Know I have been missing, I hate it. I haven't been much up to crafting lately though. Mid March about the time I received my kit from CTMH I also received word from my Gynecologist that I had a rather large Fibroid tumor in the "mysterious female parts" as my sweet surgeon likes to mention. So on April 2, 2012 I underwent a Hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy which in real world ease, is a complete Hysterectomy. Nothing was salvageable. The ovaries while still able to dispense those precious life giving eggs, were not identifiable as such because both were covered by one large cyst each and the lovely tubes well they were barnacle encrusted as well. Do I sound like an old boat or what? So, for the last few weeks I have been either prepping my life for surgery, having surgery or in the case of the last week; recovering from surgery. Then GUESS WHAT? For the last few weeks I have not been able to access my blogger account at all. Seems I have tripped up internet explorer somehow and it won't load the dashboard or let me see my blog. Today I did a tiny bit of investigating and found that by downloading google chrome I could at least edit and add to my blog again. So there it is in a nut shell. That's been my life for about three weeks. Happy the worst is behind me and anxious to return to my real life, working, crafting, and loving the whole world. Thanks for reading and forgive the post if it offends...I'm just an open book and always willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Blessings, Lisa


I am Now an Independent Consultant with CLOSE TO MY HEART.

I am SUPER EXCITED about this venture. I Love PAPERCRAFTING! Now is my opportunity to share with my Friends and family my love of this Hobby. Here is a video to view on a new product release from CTMH. Below that is a link to my page. Go shopping if you like. But thanks for stopping by my blog. BE BLESSED! LISA http://lisamoore.ctmh.com/


Layout for a friend SS11

One of the Ladies I work with asked if I would create a page for her daughter Enza. Now, I have only seen this sweet girl in photo's...I have no clue what she likes or dislikes and I have no idea what pictures her mom plan's to use. I only have the knowledge that her favorite colors are purple and green. Can you see the difficulty here? I decided to go with two photo mats...one for a 4x6 and the other for a 3 1/2 x 5. I actually think it turned out cute. I used some fibers from Big Lots to run around the edge and some SCOTCH fasteners to hold it in place. I had the little mirror,necklace, and perfume sticker from a pack of Jolee's. I used a Martha Stewart corner punch, and some miscellaneous buttons and rhinestones. I Like it! What about you?


A smores Party gift for co-workers

This is my answer to the need for multiple co-worker gifts. I am sure you all have seen the gifts in a jar. This is a smore party in a cup. ENJOY!


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Let's spend some money~~~

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