A Message to ungrateful adult children

With the technology available today things are changing. Not neccesarily in a positive direction. I'm seeing people eating meals together and never looking at each other; their focus is in the palm of their hand. These miniature, time sucking, conveniences called cellular phones are taking precious time away. Yes, they are a convenience but they should not replace conversation. We are quickly losing mastery of the conversation skill. "Hey, you wanna have lunch?" "I'll text you.", A text message cannot convey emotion and feeling. I see parents looking at these devices with passion while their little ones are growing and changing and they don't seem to even notice the big changes, much less, the minute changes. IT IS RUDE to stare into those little screens when you are in the presence of another living being. If you come to visit me and stare at your phone the whole time then you are telling me I don't interest you. WHY are you here if you're not interested in what I have to say? You are wasting precious seconds of my life and I would rather be crafting than entertaining someone who couldn't care less about what I'm doing. My next rant is on mothering. If you have an infant in a car seat that is rear facing and you're not driving....sit in the back seat. That little one has needs that they can't express. Certainly, don't put your husband's friend in the back seat with your screaming infant. I'm certain he has nothing in common with your infant. I think this is common sense but apparently not. You're aging retired parents are not your personal assistants or your daycare. Yes, they love your children but they have a life too. They raised your ungrateful behind and now want to live a little. (yes, they do still enjoy sex) Things change and if something occurs in their world that makes them unavailable for your "date night" don't have an attitude. In fact if you know there has been a sudden problem then call and say..."I realize you've been through______________, so I've made arrangements for the kids, so you don't have that added stress." To finish my thoughts, remember that just because I don't agree with you on everything doesn't mean that I don't love you. I can disagree with you. Opinions are like butts, everybody has one and we each think the other person's stink worse.

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