Happy Happy Happy New Year! Here it is January 14, 2016, and I have a big year ahead of me. In less than 1 week I will meet my precious new Daughter in love and law from Thailand. She and our oldest son Joe were married last month in a cultural wedding. When she arrives here on her K-1 Visa they will make it legal by American law. There is also a brand new Granddaughter on her way to us in just 9 weeks....our youngest son Jonathan (Jon is his preferred name, but I gave birth and named him so I get to call him Jonathan) Can't wait to hold our little blessing. I'm beginning the second semester of my LPN to RN transition next week. It's a grueling pace at times but you really do want your nurse to know as much as possible if she has your life in her hands. Let's face it she does have your life in her hands; she's doing the assessing and calling her findings to the doctor as needed. He's giving orders based upon her thorough assessment. So .....Again it is a grueling pace but oh how I am enjoying refreshing and increasing my knowledge. With that, I was honored by my fellow classmates to be nominated and elected President of the Student Nurse Association. I'm not able to maintain a regular crafting schedule because of all the goodness in my life and obviously I'm not blogging much either. Even poor old socializing websites such as Facebook are losing my attention....but I can't say I'm distressed...But I really am missing my crafting and all of my crafty "peeps". Well I suppose I'll jump up now and get busy with the cleaning and such....ummmm....right after my next cup of coffee. Love you guys!

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Redonna said...

So happy for all goodness in your life these days! We really needed to do more crafting (more besides making live wreaths) when I was up there last. Love and miss you little sister!