Missing ME?

Hi My Friends, I Know I have been missing, I hate it. I haven't been much up to crafting lately though. Mid March about the time I received my kit from CTMH I also received word from my Gynecologist that I had a rather large Fibroid tumor in the "mysterious female parts" as my sweet surgeon likes to mention. So on April 2, 2012 I underwent a Hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy which in real world ease, is a complete Hysterectomy. Nothing was salvageable. The ovaries while still able to dispense those precious life giving eggs, were not identifiable as such because both were covered by one large cyst each and the lovely tubes well they were barnacle encrusted as well. Do I sound like an old boat or what? So, for the last few weeks I have been either prepping my life for surgery, having surgery or in the case of the last week; recovering from surgery. Then GUESS WHAT? For the last few weeks I have not been able to access my blogger account at all. Seems I have tripped up internet explorer somehow and it won't load the dashboard or let me see my blog. Today I did a tiny bit of investigating and found that by downloading google chrome I could at least edit and add to my blog again. So there it is in a nut shell. That's been my life for about three weeks. Happy the worst is behind me and anxious to return to my real life, working, crafting, and loving the whole world. Thanks for reading and forgive the post if it offends...I'm just an open book and always willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Blessings, Lisa

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Redonna said...

Hope all is going better now. The doctors can fix the issues with the bodies, but computers? No, they sometimes (well, most times) have minds of their own. I have three browsers (Chrome (default), Firefox and IE) because I have found dozens of things that won't work on one browser works just fine on a different one. Now my big issue is remembering which browser is good for what . . . translation? Sometimes I just hop from browser to browser to see which one will do whatever I'm trying to do. Just today I had to switch from Chrome to IE to edit some of my board cover images on Pinterest.
Love you little sis, talk to you soon!