WHAT? Has it really been since April? Have I really been that slack? WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH ME? Nothing. A lot of things have happened since April. Had to have the dreaded....Hysterectomy....shhhhh. Oh no really nothing to it. I don't miss those parts at all and for heaven sake don't think for a minute I would want another baby at 45. Life has just been puttering along and me hanging on the swerves of it. In August the surgeon I work for announced he was moving to Wyoming, and yes, he offered to take me with. However, my sweet husband has wanted to return to his beloved Tennessee all these years and we decided we would make that our final home. So the search was really on. Not just the dream but the SEARCH! I found the house and then the battles began with financing and title, and underwriters...OH MY! But On Nov. 21, 2012 WE DID IT! We signed for our house....So in about 1 more month I should be moving and settling in and hopefully in the New year I can get back to crafting....as long as the Mayan's are wrong that is. Otherwise....hmmmm, who knows what will be. No, I don't believe the Mayan hooey at all. So if you're reading this that is where I am in life....looking forward to the changes. Ain't GOD GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

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Redonna said...

MY birthday! I just realized that you signed on your house on MY birthday! Happy Birthday to me, er, you, ummmm . . . yay? :D
Oh, and today is 12-21 and we are still here, so yeah. I would say the Mayans missed it, but actually, it is the folks who think they can predict the end of time who missed it - again - LOL! Love you and am so happy for both of you getting settled in your new place. <3