I Saw a video on this same thing done by I think the frugalcrafter, she was using old boxes from the post office to make magazine holders. So I owe credit to her for this idea. Here's my take on re-purposing old boxes....ENJOY!


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Lisa, I enjoyed your video and although I haven't made a box for my stamps I repurposed a white Easter basket from last year and placed a green ribbon around the center outside. It looks great and because the box is a rectangle it is perfect for my storage too. Great idea and I love skinny cows, the problem is I could eat the whole herd! TFS

Redonna said...

ooooh, I need to hit my "club store"! Good job. I like the crumpled paper - maybe I will try that and add some shades of brown to make it look like distressed leather!