Hello my crafty peeps. Been awhile...Hope all of you are thriving not just surviving. I'm in the process of stepping up from my LPN to RN. In the process of all this Provo craft goes and releases a new machine called---(drumroll) EXPLORE! During the holidays I took some time and learned a little about it and really came to love this machine. During this time I used Youtube as well as a few FACEBOOK pages to learn what I could. Of course, true to form on all of the FACEBOOK groups there was always one or more who wanted to complain and stir drama. So as of today I UNJOINED those groups and I'll continue to craft via youtube and be content. Life is too precious and way to short to let anyone bring me down. If social media is contributing to a less than wonderful feeling I want nothing to do with it. So the plan is to post my joy here. Where at least I know there won't be whining and complaining. You're welcome to come and visit and comment. You can even share your work here. I would love to see what you do. Thanks for stopping by. SMOOCHES, Lisa

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