Celebrate every success

GOOD MORNING! I know some of you are thinking; "what? You just started blogging your weight loss journey yesterday!" However, Joe consented to the purchase of that little beauty above, even though our finances say probably not. I'm very thankful for a husband who believes in me. So I started riding that on Friday afternoon. I'm trying to take it slow and build up a little each day and remember that this is not a timed trial. I have given myself a good 7 months to lose 50 pounds. Yes, I'm aware that it's significant for a post menopausal 40 something. If I don't make it I set the next goal. So short term it's 7 pounds each month. That being said I'm a daily weigher. I KNOW EVERYTHING YOU READ SAYS DON'T WEIGH DAILY! Sorry I'm an "ALL OR NOTHING" type of chick. This is how I did it when I had my surgery and when I stopped weighing daily I gained. SO DON'T PREACH WEIGHT LOSS BIBLE TO ME....I'm a theologist of fat. Yesterday I began with an UNJURY protein drink for breakfast. "Protein is very important" Lunch was my home stir fry chicken with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and onions. Supper was the rest of the chicken that remained, and for an evening snack BUTTER FREE popcorn. (If you know me you know that in and of itself is phenominal...I LOVES ME BUTTER LIKE POPEYE LOVES SPINACH! I drank the obligatory(tasteless) 64 ounces of water through the day. OKAY...now the celebrating part. I woke up at 2:00 A.M. to do the nightly over 40ritual (potty time)and for whatever reason stepped on the scales. No glasses mind you...I don't need those for potty time. The little red line had moved down. Thinking I was hallucinating thanks to my other nightly friend "Mr. Sleep Aid" I just went back to bed. Then I awoke at 7:00 for the next potty break and weighed afterwards, of course. WHAT!?! NO WAY! Those precious little scales who have so often bullied me were suddenly singing my praises. 204.6. YES YES YES YES YES! Yes I do realize there was water weight involved but it's my loss and I'll take it thank you very much! Then the more significant celebration.... I live on very steep incline. Ain't NO WAY I could pedal the pink puffer up the hill! So each time after I finish my ride I walk it up the hill. On Friday and Saturday I had to stop multiple times to catch my breath and rest even if it was briefly. This morning however...I WALKED ALL THE WAY UP THE HILL WITHOUT STOPPING EVEN FOR A SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAHOOOOOOOOOO! (insert applause, angels singing, and can can girls dancing here.)