A visit with my sister

This is not a card post...it's a glimpse into my life.

As a little girl I WORSHIPPED my Sister Redonna. Something clicked in me from early on and I just adored her. When we moved to Alabama from Texas, Redonna left home. I missed her so desperately. I can still remember sitting out in the dirt road looking for her to come back. Tears rolling down my tiny dirt smeared face. How many days I did this; I don't recall. It was a mourning period for a 6 year old.

The years passed and I grew up and we both made our lives and the business of everday life and distance would not allow for a bond to be re-kindled.

Yesterday, following a trip to Tennessee, Joe and I stopped to visit with Redonna. I can't tell you how it felt to be with her and share a love of paper crafting and just enjoy some sister time. I was able to see my Great-Niece Sabrina...the Next Generation of crafters in the family. This sweet girl has so much talent and she just Oooozes personality! She is so Beautiful! For me at least, it was an Amazing day. The perfect end to our vacation. I feel like that six year old girl again, thinking of Redonna in complete AWE. Isn't it great to have a sister you call Friend!

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Redonna said...

Thank you for such a sweet & touching mention. It made my heart hurt about you sitting & waiting for me to come home, but I know you understand why I didn't. And I hope you realize that of all the things & people I did not miss when I left, you were the one that I did miss. And you made Sabrina feel so good with her reference. She said "awww" and made a puppy face for me.
I really really enjoyed out visit! Love and miss you!