Howdy YA'LL

It's FINALLY Fall...In Southeast Alabama;   that really doesn't mean a lot since we have 2 seasons;  the hot one and the slightly less hot one.  But, I digress.....  I made this card last week because I truly love Fall...there is something very BEAUTIFUL in the color of the leaves. It's like seeing the years sadness and pain dying away and knowing that in just a brief time everything will spring back to life and bloom again!  The Lord's way of renewing the world around us.

 The cartridge I used for my garden barrell was Doodlecharms...the leaves were from Doodlecharms and paperdoll.  See the pretty silver bands on the barrell.  That is making Menories Aluminum metal.  I cannot RECOMMEND doing this....but, yes I cut it with my precious RED expression.  It was truly a work of patience...as apparently the cricut does not like thick ALUMINUM.  However, with patience on my behalf, and a little coaxing...she cut the bands.

Hope you like it....


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Redonna said...

As the recent recipient of this card (or one just like it) I can say it is so much prettier in person and I love it!