Why you ask?  Oh, let me share.... Thursday I turn 44, yes....44.  No I probably do not act my age.  Some days I act younger and immature and on other days some may regard me as a "fuddy duddy".  However, I will be 44.  I really cannot come up with any strong Birthday desires other than crafting.  The paper craft is my love right now.  Hoarding seems to go hand in hand with that.  I have all sorts of trinkets and baubles and shiny things.....and I adore them.  I Love my cricut and all the gadgets that accompany it.  Well, last year..provocraft had to go and invent the Imagine....$500.00 for that little piece of joy.  NOT in my budget!  Well this week end I was on Overstock.com and guess what...there it was....in all of its glory and splendor...THE IMAGINE.....for .......................$299.00.  Oh the agony...what to do, what to do?  Do I bust my resolution of not buying anymore until I have used up some of what I have.  24 hours I toiled with this.  I tried to elicit my husband's opinion thinking it would be a resounding no, it was not.  His reply "Honey, I could never tell you no"  So, I BOUGHT IT! ***insert bells and whistles here***  It should arrive this week.  I want it to come on Thursday and I can act surprised.


storylady said...

Congrats--I haven't broken down yet--hubby keeps telling me how much the ink is going to cost and how much paper I have to get rid of! Oh well--lets see--we've got mothers day coming up or my birthday is in Aug. But daughter is needing money for college--oh well, maybe in 4 years! :-(


Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

Happy Upcoming Birthday!!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL one and enjoy your new imagine :-)

Redonna said...

Well, congratulations! I know we have talked on the phone since then (or at least my old head thinks we have) and you said nothing! hmmm . . . maybe we haven't talked since then, maybe it was just before you found it on Overstock.com because I just can't imagine (no pun intended) that you would fail to mention your new toy! Congratulations again! Love you baby sister!