I ADMIT I AM A SCRAPLIFTER! There I said it; now on to my card!

Good Tuesday Morning to one and all. So, I Just returned from Aspen Colorado,
I went out there to see the Surgeon that I work for marry the woman of his dreams. Aspen is Beautiful, but it's beauty paled in comparison to the bride. When I returned home I had the strongest itch to craft. I went to my youtube and began to catch up on all the videos and oh my..... Sheila from http://shesasassylady.blogspot.com/ had a video using the Gypsy to make a wedding card. When I watched it I knew instantly that was the card I wanted to make. THANK YOU SHEILA! So with a few minor changes here is my card. Sheila used an accordian fold for the white insert..I cheated and utilized my crimper instead. I used some stickers from Jolee to frame the corners. The paper...unfortunately I am unsure because it was all scraps. Listen..if you want to know how to use your Gypsy effectively, scoot on over to Sheila's website. http://shesasassylady.blogspot.com/ Her videos are awesome and many times she will share her files. Thank you Sheila for the inspiration and the knowledge you are an awesome instructor! Blessings, Lisa


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Lisa this card is wonderful! I love the color and the extras you added to it. Don't you just love how it came together and it wasn't that difficult. See you will be making all kinds of cards now! Thanks for playing along and sharing with us today at She's A Sassy Lady.

. said...

Wow your card is sooo beautiful!! Great job.
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Redonna said...

Very pretty! And I doubt you would have to serve time for scraplifting (I mean, people CASE cards all the time, and none of them are serving time - LOL). So glad you had a good time in Colorado. Keep posting your great crafts! Love you little sis.