My Little slice of Heaven on Earth....

You know we all need a special place where we can escape to that the problems cannot invade.  You know what I'm talking about right.  That place where work becomes a distant memory, where the issues of everyday life blend into the background and where peace just envelopes you like a warm bath on a cold day That is church;  and then there is my CRAFT CAVE!  This is it.....I thought I would give you a little idea of the space I have converted since our youngest son left home and left me with an EMPTY nest.
 This is the area you see as you walk through the door.  The Peg board was made and painted RED by my husband Joe who can DO ANYTHING!  I love it and it put's almost everything in easy reach!
 My RED CRICUT.......Did you here the angels sing as this picture pulled up.  I did, when I walked into Walmart the end of December and spotted it.  They didn't have it on BLACK FRIDAY when I went;   so I had to pay full Price!  However.....I did manage to sell my original expression with some extra goodies I had;   and recoup the cost.
 My computer and KODAK printer that I adore!
 This is my bookcase that my sweetie rescued from our son's departure and painted RED just for me!

So that's pretty much it;  there is nothing on my walls,  and I am considering my options there.  Beneath each 8 foot table you will find RANDOM crafty items.  I have pretty much been into a little of everything and perfected nothing.  But, there is hope.  I am new to cards and even newer to blogging.  I'm loving both!  Thanks for the visit!


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Susan Vilar said...

I have to say that I LOVE how your blog posts in file folder format! How COOL!!!!

Your comment at the top about how work fades, etc... LOVE it!

Keep up the fantastic work/play you're doing!!